Thursday, August 10, 2006

Daily Office Available Online

Here are some sites for the Daily Office online, thanks to the Letter Of St. James, Danbury. Josh Thomas and, I presume, a team of volunteers put them together with the prayers, psalms, and readings for each day so that it's possible to choose the day and time and start praying without a lot of calculating of lectionary and season.
The Daily Office has Noonday Prayer and Compline exactly as they are in the Book of Common Prayer.
Daily Office for LGBT People has Morning and Evening Prayer, illustrated with pictures relevant to the LGBT community and sometimes with original prayers. Of course, the site is open to and welcoming of everyone. And what a great plug for the Episcopal Church on the homepage!
Daily Recovery Prayers also has Morning and Evening Prayer, and a similar setup to the LGBT version, with relevance for those in recovery from addictions.
These are a wonderful set of resources for any of us who sit in front of a computer all day. Thank you Josh Thomas and friends!