Friday, May 29, 2009

St Johns Donut Day 2009 - street view

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St Johns Donut Day 2009 - adding sugar

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St Johns Donut Day 2009 - making the donuts

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Bruce, Ann, and JoAnn at the fryer


Thanks to all who came to our donut booth at last weekend's Duck Race. There was no more dough left by 11:15, and American Artisan Bakery was doing a great business with Andy's delicious scones and desserts (including the parish blogger's favorite, Chocolate Hockey Pucks). Thanks also to Bruce, Cheryl, JoAnn, Ann, Steve, Christopher, and Sam for all their good work on the donut booth. Having an active booth, the banner, and the new sign let the larger community know what an active place St. John's really is.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Week & Easter 2009 Newsletter

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Signs of Life

Spring is finally here and the plant life around St. John's is showing the change in seasons. Starting with snowdrops, then hyacinths and daffodils, now azaleas and irises, there is color amid the greening of the churchyard.

Another new color is blue - the new blue sign welcoming all to St. John's. Unfortunately, our previous white hand-painted sign that we all loved was no longer repairable. Bruce did the legwork to find a replacement and the vestry agreed on a design in keeping with the original. We especially like the additional sign for "Home of F.A.I.T.H. Food Pantry." The sign was installed sometime last week. It's good to have growing, flowering plants and a shiny new sign to reflect the renewal of life that's happening in our parish.

Welcome, Teagan Rose!

The newest Christian in the St. John's community, Teagan Rose, was baptized on April 26. We welcome Teagan, her big brother and parents, and their extended family and friends. Thank you all for making St. John's part of this important time.