Monday, January 14, 2013

Deeply moved by your generosity

At Sunday's Vestry meeting we convened as a group for the first time since the shootings on December 14th. As with any vestry, we attended to the business and mission of the church.

Of course, almost every topic was tinged with the subject of the evil that visited our town and our neighborhood. We reflected on the response of the community and the world. We are especially reassured by the embrace we have received from Episcopal Churches around the country and other members of the Anglican community globally. In the past weeks we have been buoyed by the support; the knowledge that we're not alone has made it possible to move forward.

Please know that your gifts are going to good use. The Vestry decided that all cash donations made to the church will be donated to two charities that have been established to support victim's families, support members of the community and to memorialize the events of last December.

All specific donations for victim's families will be forwarded to the town government for distribution to those families.

Memorial items, the many posters, quilts, and other items will be displayed at our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on February 12th. Several items will be selected for permanent display at the church.

We appreciate your continued support for our church and our community. May God bless you all.


michelle said...

"all cash donations made to the church will be donated to two charities"
Which charities? so that i may donate money since i am not in the area.

Steve Zakur said...

The donations were made to:

* The Sandy Hook School Support Fund
* We Are Newtown

Another worthy cause is Sandy Hook Promise.